As COVID-19 surges in Miami-Dade, county and city leaders struggle to see eye to eye


County Municipal Bayer is fighting back after the county mayor claims he's willing to hand over millions and cares AC dollars if cities prove it's being spent to come back over 19 like a child. Let's look together because the people after the lash on a long, tough words from the mayors of highly A and Coral Gables, this is offensive. This is an insult to our residents to the leaders off the most effective governments that once closest to the people they claim. Miami Dade County Mayor Carlos Two minutes acted in bad faith when he initially indicated the cities would split $135 million in federal Corona virus relief funds, But now he's only offering them 30 million. They want a special commission meeting to allocate and reallocate the nearly $475 million given to the county fair, Caradhras Guess news Radio six n. W H says as claimed. The funds have to be spent by the end of the year. So soon a city submit invoices. The money will be handed over. But he says he will not offer blank checks to city's governor,

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