SEC to play 10-game, conference-only football schedule in 2020


The SEC, making it official, they will begin the season on September twenty six they will play in conference games every school will likely add. Their next to rotation school. So let's We can take a look at what that means. In terms of everyone's opponent. Alabama will add I. Believe. This is correct. Again, this is not a well, let me check the official announcement and may be in there but they they will add Florida and Vanderbilt. Okay It is not in their correct. Okay. This this is speculation. Let me make it clear. This is not the. But we're speculating Alabama will add game at Florida and Vanderbilt Arkansas at. And a trip to South Carolina Auburn will home game against South Carolina, road game at Mizzou, Lsu, UK, and Tennessee Mississippi State Vanderbilt in. Uga. Tentative Ole Miss Tennessee in UK. Missouri and Florida. On the other side Florida adding Alabama and am, will you talk about some major till two if we get that for Arkansas and Mississippi State on Georgia's schedule? That's a significant break Kentucky. LSU and Mississippi. Missouri an Auburn. South. Carolina Auburn in Arkansas Tennessee, Mississippi state and Lsu and excuse me. Mississippi. And LSU and. Much. Sure. That game is I think that game could be a Knoxville lane kiffin in. KNOXVILLE. Again as a head co as first time as a head coach and other than Tennessee and Tennessee Lsu and. Vanderbilt Mississippi State Alabama. So again, the official announcement is out, we will talk to the commissioner in a few minutes. This. I'll just read you the commissioner's comments, and again, we will talk to him shortly after careful consideration of the public health indicators in our region. Following advice of our medical advisers we have determined that this is the best course of

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