How To Communicate With Your Body Using The Language Of Energy With Ellen Meredith

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So to bring on our special guest for today Ellen Meredith Ellen is the author of the newly released book which we're going to talk about today. The language your body's speaks and intuitive and energy medicine breath with thirty years of experience. She has served on the Faculty of Energy Medicine by near Donna Eden since two thousand and dead and ditches. Healing techniques all over the world. And in today's episode, we're GONNA explore what she shared in her new book. The language. Your Body speaks to Ellen. Are you ready to inspire. Awe! But what I want to? Do is maybe help people. Find their inner inspiration, the inspiration that comes from them, because each of us is inspired by different things, and in different ways and I love to celebrate how different we are and helping people find their own path to To Awareness Afo I love that you sort of. Play the role of a mentor so that you can find people in the regulations and allowing them to take steps that will help them find their way, which is one full We usually start our show with the any inspirational court. Is it a cord that comes to mind right now? Something that you can share and maybe tell us how you apply that court in your day-today life. Oh Wow okay I'm not one of those people who actually works for quotes from quotes I actually like to come up with things to stay in the moment that are true for the moment because I'm really a language. And so That's a hard one for I. don't carry around. Quite S- per. Se so yeah. I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA. Give one. In that way, but I'm hoping that as as we talk I'll say things that will strike on people and. They don't have to quote me, but maybe awaken them to their own quote. Create sounds good. I love that We're GONNA, have some gun moments. Today's episode because I love Qigong and I know that in your book you draw a lot from traditional Chinese medicine. Right when you talk about five elements, dog bar the Meridians and things like that So how did it all begin you like? Where did it all start Maybe she could talk about your childhood. What was it like? Okay well I was originally trained by inner teachers and It actually started as you know before I became aware that I was psychic or intuitive abilities, I was very attuned to languages and I talked a little in the book about how I used to listen to foreign language programs. All the time I was just fascinated and I felt like I am I could understand them, even though I didn't know what the words were I felt like there's something in language that speaks to US beneath the specifics of the words, and then later on. I writer, I'm a creative writer as well as I finished a novel, and I was waiting for inspiration and my grandmother WHO's dead so up behind me with a message for me. and. I thought well. This is interesting and I voted down. And through a series of coincidences, I ended up at a little, psychic fair, and the psychic looked at me, and she said you're maternal. Grandmother is standing behind you message for you, and then she repeated the message that I had gotten already. And I was a little bit of a Brat I said well. It doesn't have anything new to say. But, but I was very interested is. I s the psychic. Are you reading my mind, or are you really tuning into my grandmother? Is She really there and I give her credit because this was a five dollar reading and she said. My belief that your grandmother's really there and that you're picking up on her energy, and that you can get messages, and if you just would slow down, listen, you would hear them so couple days later I was cleaning my house, which was an unusual activity for me at the time. And I noticed the ticker tape in my head of letters and I thought yeah. Wonder if they say anything, so I started writing them letter by letter on the typewriter, and they were a message from my inner teachers, and they said we're going to teach. We're GONNA. Come train. You were GONNA give you. We're going to give you a insights. We're going to explain things, and then you're going to have experiences in your life that teach you how to understand the perspective that were introducing, and so I went through a very intensive at least well. Trained because say seven years, but it's forty plus years. I've been doing it for many many years now, and they're still trading me. But they did at some point. They. Get very ill and in the process of healing. You'RE GONNA learn how to become a healer. And I thought well. That's okay. Wasn't something that I set out to do. But it happened and moved to California I did get very sick. I went to a doctor who said I can't help you. What you have isn't medical, or you know isn't something that medicine can help you going to send you to a complimentary. Practitioner. And so I went to this applied kinesiology. She was a chiropractor and I'm Chris just enchanted? She worked with Meridians and and various subtle energies, and I had never heard of any of this stuff, and what I discovered in the process of getting better was that I could see my own energies I could see her energies. I could predict what the muscle test they do. Muscle testing in that tradition what they were going to say and I could look at the pills on the wall of the supplements and I knew which ones I needed, and what doses would be and ever occurred to me that this was possible except. There I was with nothing to live there while she worked with me and it was like I. This woken me and. That's how I got started and. When I was? Had recovered that practiser called and said Hey, can you do that with other people and I said? And I went in, and I was able to see what was going on for other people, so I started working in her office as a medical intuitive and people started coming for channel readings and healings and it just it just grew from there

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