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Operations on the fan side to operations on the competition side I helped. Can keep everybody together with you. know the rule book I oversea. Pretty much all departments of the competition side, tax timing and scoring registration paddock. You know there really isn't a party event that I don't touch somehow. Get a chance to respect yourself. I do not professionally, which is probably good ideas do it to waste time and money. But at the moment of taking a little bit of break some racing because I in six months pregnant. Congratulate! So dealing with that and all of these responsibilities, and then, of course you know a Kobe. Unfortunately moved our schedule so now probably our most important events in the events that I fought hardest for which one is us at the brickyard? Which meeting from Indiana was a huge a huge thing? Hollowed ground right. Hundred a couple times I'm from Indiana originally my whole. So now, they they actually. Do Date. So, I have a feeling. My doctor is gonNA. WanNa fire me once I tell her that. I am going to travel but because I want to be there, so the I started out. You know just on the race operation side, and then as the company has grown. I've strong with it at the new position. So the BRICKYARD Feber. You guys are actually able to do are going to be able to do that event this year. If south things open back up like they're hoping to. Okay so we've actually already had our first events. We had it in. Rhode America which is in the Scotsman, and we had it without spectators. We have our next events on June. Twenty six to twenty eight at road America again with spectators. We'll have a lot of controls in place in a lot of things to keep the writers safe, and of course it's six hundred acre facilities, a lot of places for social distancing for the fans and everybody. To spread apart, so we think we can do this safely. And of course that managed to assure in A. Opening for us on Fox sports one normally talk sports, too, so that's been a big break for us. And all of the the teams are working to try to rebuild our industry. And really kind of helped our viewers ships. So if We do have a date in October. Were were scheduled to race in Indy October seventh. I believe is debate. It's obviously a separate event from indy, five, hundred or the brickyard. The brickyard is going to be run on July Fourth, and they're actually GONNA run it without spectators. the indy five hundred is currently scheduled for the end of August. Yeah. yeah. I mean I. I grew up listening to the indy five hundred every every year on Memorial! and. It was really weird to be like into lake. A Memorial Day weekend have any five hundred on so well, it's going to be able to get it by the end of the summer it. We actually had to give up our for them to move to that August eight so hopefully it happens, but then knock on wood. Mode America's essentially is just promoting motorcycle racing in in essence. in you have several events that that are actually your events, or do you or do you sponsor current events that already? So. We are in promoter and they're mostly our events we do have some coke promoted events. For the most part, they're events that we sell promote. We have ten races ear, and all of them are three day weekends, so practice starts on Friday than we have double header. Sunday. Which is a? It's a really fun thing for people to come out on the camp on. Tailgate. You know there's a lot of live entertainment. We work out and have a carnival. Every time with three games for the kids always try to keep keep it really family oriented So. Can you give me a little liking? GimMe some inside scoop on the world of motorcycle racing like like some of the professionals like. Like, though to America like like what your main source of revenue is, is it ticket sales, or is it? television sponsorships that kind of thing, just kind of curious how the business model of Motor America works. So we work on ticket sales, and then also TV ads and sponsorships. So the teams also work on sponsorships, but You know they're. They're relying on us to guarantee. They have coverage. So that's been a big thing. A big change promote America in two thousand fourteen when we took over the series their. American racing wasn't on any channel There were only available through things choice, which was like proprietary streaming on. It was free I believe so. Said okay, thing but back to reach outside of our like our small motorcycle community. You have to be on network television, and so that was a push for us last year. We are on Fox sports, which is a very well broadcasted I think it reaches sixty percent of Americans. But. With what's going on right now and everything else shutdown We've seen our viewership. Just go absolutely through the roof because people are clamoring for any sort of life, com content I can't say what ticket sales look like now. We don't know yet because we haven't had I event. you know, asked me two weeks. And we'll let you know. I were just trying to make sure that everyone understands that you know. These races are held safely and You know it's really not hugely different than you go into the. To a campground and just a lot better, sights and sounds and some more fun things to do. So as dragged reparations, or do you spend a Lotta time promoting with the television networks that Kinda thing or a different department? That's a different department. It's pretty much my job to put on the show and make sure the show runs on time. What I coordinate most TV is the scheduling. Making sure that you know if we do have a stoppage or delay or an issue, we still fit within our TV. No but our sales and marketing side does all the Russians. Okay in. So As far as motorcycle rations goes like what about some of the some of the professionals that actually racing these races are? Are they doing quite well with with their cause? Imagine they all they make all their money to ships. Or what's what's the payout? If they win the race, in most of their money's probably coming from sponsorships to sponsor. The bike and everything else like Nascar and everything. Can you talk a little bit about that side of it? So their sponsorship deals I. Don't know a whole lot about like. Obviously, that's or pirated them. But we do offer we do have a total of six point three million dollars on the table in all classes between us and then manufacturer contingency, and then in our superbike costs believe there's three million dollars between posts and manufacturer contingency. That's available so you know if you happen to win both superbike races. and. then. You're walking away probably easily with fifteen k. depending on what manufacturer you're on so not not a bad payday, but obviously they additional support through their sponsors. Obscure most of the revenue. If you're a racer themselves, some sponsors I mean it's always been one of the cool things at some guys have been doing lately West Westby and Kyle and do this

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