One, Two Step!


A couple of weeks ago our eleven month old started walking. This process of an infant going from crawling cruising to walking never gets old to me. To see a baby, decide to one day, stand and take that first step has to be a little intimidating right but something within them compels them that they can't. In leaps and bounds of growth and progression seems to happen in a blink of an eye. Saying. With. Our daughter. The first day she took steps to us as we sit on the floor. Getting down to her level gave her competence in a destination in point. To be celebrated after a few steps was encouragement enough to take more and she did. She stood up. Gathered herself one. To step fall up again the next day. One to step, want to upstart steps fall. And then by day five, she had her footing onto her and now more assertive about navigating our home going from room to room. She went from stumbling to stepping over things in around them and even now more assertive enough to look over her shoulder as she continues walking forward. Her confidence is way up. There yesterday on the Porch of my grandmother's House I, put her down expecting her to walk. Instead she simply stood there. I encouraged her me because I knew she was capable. But. Instead she stood her ground and didn't budge. Tiana wanted to assess and assert her self. He wanted to see the he was s confident walking in this new environment as she is in our home. And after several minutes, she decided to put one foot in front of the other. She knew her steps were the saying. And she walked. You may be walking into Unfamiliar Territory Yourself. But let this be encouragement that your steps are guided and you are capable. Your steps are the same. The environment may be different. Assess it. That's fine. Look around make mental notes. Get your game plan planning your mind of what you gotta do. and. Then just like Tiana in all babies even as we went through the same progression one step in front of the other in notes, you can do it. You're capable.

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