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Mean even though the quality that he said, entire work through one thousand percent. But as a person as Bailey who you seemingly have a type of four with the trust and ask your gate basically don't argument is an avenue where he wins the Beatles, he's off whatever talking block tyler. Or Bailey does on we were in the evening were frings seemingly. So it is does not add up to a reasoning that especially if you're talking to Bailey that you should say he like. This. This is this is I. It's important to hide. Your secret alliances thousand percent But it's also important to make sure that your secret alliances don't end up targeting each other. And he is encouraging these thoughts in Bailey to target tyler and like. Dude talk about cody instead man like. Be Like I'm worried about cody and Tyler, they're both dangerous. I'd probably target cody because I feel like Tyler's easier to work with. And that we could maybe pull tyler in. If you told Bailey that she would go off. That's perfect. That's what I'm thinking and she might bring you in a little bit more and that's that's that's giving him credit and saying that he was lying in the first place I know he was actually telling the truth and he actually does want to target tyler. What's going on in his head?

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