Finding Your Balance


Good Morning. We love and I'm here in Crystal Lake Illinois. And wanted to spend a little time with you. Hope Everyone's fine. And Hope you're. Dealing with all the different new things coming up in your life like being students online or live for a combination of the two. Or going back to work or continuing to stay home and work from home. Or looking for a job or Trying to to decide what's the next course you want to take or thing you want to learn online. We have lots of things going on these days and I hope you're finding a way to be. Peaceful with that and have Have some dispassionate equanimity could time to work on our equanimity, right? That's the quality of balance. and. Taking a step back and being able to see things. Without. So much of our self involvement being able to be a little bit dispassionate. Find Balance and everything. So I always like to think of it as back away beck away from Mecca way not not out of indifference at all but out of. That Maybe we sometimes can be too aggressively putting ourselves in the middle of a situation. Really we are more of A. We can be more of a bystander and be more valuable to people in the situation. and. You know that feeling when you when you realize oh I, wish I just kept my mouth shut and not. Made that comment on facebook or not said something that you know that that made the situation not better but probably just. kind of hit the hit something that just immediately. Created. Created. A. A little minor explosion and a conversation or relationship. And sometimes that's because we we aren't able to become have that equanimity at work. You know there's a little. There's a little bit too much of our ego in a situation. So we just need to say something that maybe probably would be better if we didn't say it. I know that's one way I look at equanimity. Does back away? Think about the situation think about it a little bit more. find her own balance with an it without getting carried away by the emotion of the moment. And we can work with equanimity in so many situations and I think it's a beautiful quality for us to develop right now. Because we have a lot of opportunities before we we feel like. We are free from the effects of the pandemic. That's going to be a long time before free from the economic effects and the psychological effects and the physical effects. The way it's changed our landscape just physically the people we've lost. Maybe the people who were recovering from covid nineteen and the the. The. The long lasting effects that they might be having to deal with and how it affects our society in the long run. So develop equanimity along with compassion and loving kindness and. I am so which is no harm. So, we can have our hands full just with. seeing how we can those are the best ways we can be people in this world is to work on those qualities work on a deeper understanding of yourself. And then that's what it all comes back to because we have to know. What our little triggers are we have to know. We have to know about ourself. and. Then we can be more effective in a more Compassionate person for the rest of the world. So. Let me start with my wish. And I think that's good guidance I hope everyone's memorized it. Okay. He working on it if you haven't because it can be there for you when you need it. Or. The Saint. Francis prayer. May I become at all times both now and forever. A protector for those without protection. A guy for those who have lost their way. A ship for those with an ocean to cross. A. Sanctuary for those endanger. A lamp for those without light. A place of refuge for those who like shelter and a servant to all in need. By by means of this meritorious deed, May I never join with the unwise only the wise until the time I attain the Bonna. That close to you because that gives us. Wonderful Advice. And it also gives us a challenge. You know to reach out to be to be able to. See clearly what's going on in the world where we can help

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