Postal service warning states it may not be able to deliver ballots in time based on current election rules


Postal Service is warning several states, including crucial swing states that mail in ballots for the November election may not be delivered on time, the agency says. That's because deadline's the states have for people who request such a ballot are too close. 2 November thirds voting. Former Missouri U. S Senator Claire McCaskill says picking on the post office is a big political mistake for President Trump, she told came Alexis Hancock and Kelly that people who will suffer the most by a weekend Postal service are actually the president's supporters. If you look at Missouri, where it is most red Are the areas where the post office is most necessary, whether it's for a very small businesses. Somebody's running out their home down a rural road or whether it's getting their medicine, McCaskill contends. It's the red parts of Missouri that will quote take it in the guts over what the president's doing.

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