They're still here: St. Louis Cardinals to face Chicago White Sox after long virus absence


To have the red birds back on the field today. In fact, they'll be on the field for 27 inning games from guaranteed rate field on the south side of Chicago. Cardinals trying to shake off the rust. Today, they have been off from playing games for 2.5 weeks. Plan going forward now is a 58 game scheduled for the Cardinals that includes 11 double headers. Which is certainly going to challenge the Cardinal's death. Mike Schultz, saying yesterday that he thought the team was going to be like starting spring training all over again, which was going to be a challenge for them. She'll turn 52 during the latest quarantine that was on the ninth of August. And he has had a very, very tough time keeping his team together over the last two weeks and Certainly concerned about the health of his players, but he is so thrilled they have the team back on the field. He said. That winners find solutions, He said that resume call yesterday. So let's hope there are some positive steps forward here today. From Chicago White

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