A Virginia drug company is revamping the pharmaceutical supply chain


Year, U. S officials awarded a contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars to to flow, flow, a a little little known known Virginia Virginia company company promising promising to to revamp revamp the the way way medicines medicines are are made made and and distributed. distributed. CBS CBS this this morning. morning. Michelle Michelle Miller Miller has has more more So So what is this? This is our catalyst. The grand plan to streamline America's pharmaceutical industry was launched in Virginia Commonwealth University's College of Engineering in Richmond. So our tour begins with Dr Frank Captain so the cameras would go into the tubes. They're inside these heaters. He oversees this lab where chemists are working on new ways to manufacture medications. And so this is what it's going to innovate. This is part of it. Flow is a company trying to bring back the pharmaceutical supply chain to the U. S. They went to India and China where labor cost over two years ago. His business partner, Dr Eric Edwards, approach Dr Gupta in with a goal to make affordable generic drugs. Right here at home. I was already witnessing massive drug shortages. That were plaguing this country, these area central medicines and their ingredients that really nagged me and it was a struggle. The market is immense Americans filled the equivalent of five point 8,000,000,030 day prescriptions in 2018 alone. But in 2019 the Food and Drug Administration estimated that 80% of active pharmaceutical ingredients And 40% of Finnish medications were manufactured overseas, mainly in China and India. Thiss allows you to be able to run these processes continuously flows key process a method called continuous manufacturing. They say it will increase quality control, reduce the risk of counterfeit medications and provide transparency in labeling. We're creating an end to end manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain. Right here in the United States from precursor, chemical active pharmaceutical ingredient to finish drug into a viol or a syringe. In the 19 nineties, American companies began to rely on a manufacturing process that utilizes large scale equipment and cheap labor. This method thrives under relaxed environmental regulations often found oversees the result. A weakened system here at home is a supply chain broken. Not only is the American medical supply chain broken, the pricing and reimbursement system has broken. This broken system became apparent in March. When the corona virus pandemic depleted the national stockpile of personal protective equipment and critical medications. Demand for these supplies was global, and it brought overseas imports to a halt. This made flows efforts not just relevant but critical. So what I have right now is like a It's a strange built with my starting material. Silver. Take this area, right? Developing a new drug typically cost more than 2.5 $1,000,000,000 takes more than a decade flows. Founders say their method will we're due spoke time. And expense. It's all gonna be together streamlining the supply chain, making sure that we have the highest quality that Americans and patients deserve flow is also looking to bridge the gap between underprice generics and those higher price drugs with the more limited market for Children or for rare diseases. There was no profit in these medicines. We've driven the pricing of some of these generic medicines into the ground. A bottle of Fiji water at an airport costs more than a lifesaving vial of medication. Edwards has been in the business for years and has faced some criticism. Calais of the company he co founded with this twin brother Than left seven years ago came under congressional scrutiny after pricing for a popular overdose antidote rose by 600%. In three years, the company authorised a cheaper and generic drug soon after. How do you meet that skepticism going into a relatively new company? With these goals. I was not involved in any pricing decisions, and I was in charge of innovation. This is all about innovation and teamwork to try to fix a broken pharmaceutical pricing reimbursement and distribution system that has left a lot of these generic medicines out of reach for patients that

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