Pompeo signs deal to redeploy troops from Germany to Poland


Signed by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will pave the way for the deployment of Mohr US troops to Poland on additional 1000 troops into Poland on top of the 4500 that are here presently. At a joint news conference in Warsaw, Poland's Foreign minister Yazdi Petrovich said through an interpreter. As thie US draws down its forces in Germany, It makes sense to move some of those troops. Is to Poland because we are closer to the sole source of conflict. The deal allows US forces to access additional Polish military installations to enhance and modernize existing capabilities, Pompeo says. While troop levels still matter, the world does move on space Cyber all the disinformation we talked about this a great deal. These defense cooperation agreement we signed will give us the capacity to work on each of these problems. The deal also sets out of form he left for cost sharing. I'm Ben

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