Sweltering Heat Wave Bakes the West


Peak temperature is getting up to 105 107 and we're talking about some consecutive days here, But this morning we had a nice layer of cloud cover in the sky is starting to dissipate a little bit now, but we do have still have clouds in the sky. Meteorologist Eileen Devora says both of those wetter weather patterns are expected for August. The clouds and the high heat. It's not too untypical to see That kind of cloud cover in August. It's a monsoonal flow. We get that moisture from the south, and unfortunately it tends to make it feel very muggy around here. So when you have heat in place and a building heat wave and you put on top of that some of the McGee kind of feel it just is going to make it feel. Pretty oppressive through the weekend. So we're just starting into this dangerous and long lasting heat wave that will probably go into next week. There's a potential we get five or six days or more in a row that are at 105 or higher, So it just is going to be relentless with that cloud cover those overnight lows might say in the seventies or even near 80 some mornings, so that's just how hot it's going to be. Sir. This heat wave

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