Why do we dream?

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Okay, I know that dream stories sometimes you like really really boring but like just bear with me the rest of back. The other night i. Always just walking out of my. Book in my hand, and then suddenly I see a spider. And I accidentally just dropped the book down on him squishing him in the way picked him up. You know WHO's dead. But the remember hearing this thunderous roars something slowly approached. An this huge cockroach top hat, which is like. I had no control. Eventually he he got many pin me down. They started like attacking their woke up before anything bad. All of the nightmares I have they make no sense. There's these horrible entities that are like all powerful and it's just weird 'cause I. You know it's scary and it's on enjoyable. So why do we even have nightmares? Why don't we dream in the first place? I'm this is my podcast. Asks what? There are so many good questions out there these answered. What is love? Turns Cooler. What happens after we die? How do we fix? and. Why do? I think dreams help us make sense of the world. Things happen in your life, your brain will store them for a timer can think about the work might be puzzling might have a deeper error wound or dreams could be aspirations like what you want to achieve or pursue in your waking life. I used to think that dreams main a lot of things and there are super important. But now I just think that they are your brain filtering themselves. WHY WOULDN'T WE DREAM? When I was little I had a dream about. My House kept on rolling around a dog. What kind of dreams do you have? Their weird. That kind of goes with the territory, right? But like I don't really understand why we'd need to like see dog bowls from dreams or just really weird because the like these movies. That are head makes and like. I know our brain is working really hard to make these. But like twice dozen our brain. Power down. Teams figment of Magin nation when you asleep. Now this is my brother key. I've talked to him a lot about dreams lately he's got a lot of interesting ideas. It's a picture of like like what you see on. Your dream. It's it's a nightmare maybe who feeling Sattar that note or like maybe it's telling you to like. Strangers are dangerous. Maybe it's like maybe it tells you about lesson something. You. Dream. About I think they'll way of your brain trying to communicate something maybe not something important but maybe just something. and. Then you can remember how we look at you your brainwaves. So. We can learn about James Wait. What? It's going to be held onto your face with a little bits of tape. So I dragged my brother Ken to Sunnybrook Sleep Clinic Talkers Brian Woods in an e g machine. Here's earned irs I will extract fried at home 'cause the machinery so you'll just be drawing on your brother's head. For. Sixteen seventeen wires this so many wires on wikipedia around. By the time technician has done is covered in these wars. Looks ridiculous this. Test the liars make sure everything's connected probably gonNA move around too much. Why head into the lowered tweet eeg results as they come in. And while we're waiting I decided to ask Dr Mark Bolles about why it is. We sleep at all during the day these harmful toxins accumulate in our brain and when you're sleeping you actually clear these toxins sleep is also thought to help consolidate memories. So if you go to task or an exam without having slept, you actually do more poorly compared to someone who's actually slept and had time to consolidate their memories

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