President Trump, Joe Biden And ABC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


We're to be the friend of those pushing for confirmation before the election. We're about 43 days from the election, I think And you know, the average time that it takes to do this from nomination of confirmation is 70 days, so that's what you know. A number of conservatives are pushing President Trump One of the reasons Teo name a nominee with a record somebody that was nominated recently, and that process could be expedited. ABC is Trish Turner on the road to the White House. The Trump campaign used to have a sizable financing advantage over the Biden camp. But not anymore. Joe Biden's campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced they have $466 million in cash on hand over 100 million bucks more than reported by President Trump and the Republicans. This after the Trump campaign communications director Good Friday. There $325 million cash total and quote. Enthusiasm is with Trump. Biden excites No. One team Trump burned through more than 800 million bucks in July. ABC is Chuck's Iverson. The FBI says it's captured a woman in connection with a suspicious letter sent to the president. Last week, the woman busted near the border crossing near Buffalo, New York, sources tell The Associated Press The letter intercepted before it got to the White House contain poisonous rice in Tropical Storm Beta is expected to drop up to 15 inches of rain and portions of the upper Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana in Houston. Mayor Sylvester Turner expects flooding in the usual places, but not having people evacuate. We don't anticipate Having to set up any shelters. Pre shelters once baby makes landfall. It'll be the ninth named Storm to hit the Continental U. S this year, tying a record set in 1916. You're listening to ABC news. There will never be a dispute over whether fruits and vegetables help supply the nutrients. Your body needs

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