Michele Mouton, Queen B of Group B

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Yeah. So today we're discussing Michelle. mouton. A woman. We've this is this the first time we've discussed a woman on the show. This might be the first episode dedicated to a lady. which is a bit embarrassing. I would say so yeah. But no better woman to start off this trend with and Michelle. She is easily one of the best rally drivers ever. She's a beast. So I'm really stoked that we can tell the story even if it took us a little while to get to it, that's on us but but it's interesting because motorsport is really one of the sports where women and men compete against each other as true like she's not the best. Female driver ever. She's one of the best rally drivers at. Yeah. Regardless of gender she's one of the greatest. and honestly like just watching a video of her rally driving makes me sweat. Over, yeah she's like she's the person who when we talk about. Like rally cars now are all-wheel-drive. Wheel drive. But when Audi showed up with quattro and just started smoking everybody that was Michelle. Meantime that was young Mouton Bay. mouton on the track. Yeah I mean. To your point James like drag racing of course is or was kind of dominated by women at one point all the force sisters were just tearing it up. There's really no reason. For it to be separated by gender in in Motor Sport Really of course right now there's the there's the W. series, which is a like a women's open-wheel series. At I think that's more for them to kind of get exposure and it proved themselves in like a formula car but I'm looking forward to seeing some of those drivers come up in the formula. One. Soon hopefully, it would just make it more interesting for crying out loud if nothing else I agree let's get into it a. all right. Let's fired up. All Right Michelle Mouton entered this world on June twenty third nineteen, fifty one in the French Riviera more specifically the idyllic town of grass cross grass Ross. The Idyllic town of Gross France, the perfume capital of the world grassi surrounded by fields of aromatic flowers and home to Francis. Oldest perfumery GALLIMARD. Look I'm friend by far French is the language that I have the hardest time pronouncing both words and names I apologize profusely to anyone with a modicum of sense of how to pronounce stuff I. Think you're doing great. I think I think here like right there. Thank you, Joe, unlike many drivers whose family have a history in the sport returns family made a living growing roses and jasmine for the perfume industry mouton spent her youth skiing doing ballet and excelling in school. But just beyond the flower fields sat the mountain. Stages used for local rallies and wouldn't be long before the engine notes trickling down into the valley beckoned to Michelle mcgann discovered her love of cars at fourteen years old when she would steal her father. Pierre's Citron to seavy and take it out for joyrides. Quote for me at the time a car always meant freedom and independence she said but driving wasn't something she could possibly see a future in it for anyone to envision that path for mere enjoyment to making something your life's purpose but you could argue this especially from. Models for women on the racing stage were few and far between. So after graduating high school Bhutan took up odd jobs working as a ski instructor, a Care Assistant in a home for the disabled and eventually at her father's insurance company until she began studying to be a lawyer but something unexpected would quickly put an end to that career path her entry into a competitive rock and roll dance contest.

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