Dallas Fort Worth, and hopefully


A lot of time over the past few years reading and studying about Bitcoin. I'm producing this show live from the biz TV studios here in Dallas Fort Worth, and hopefully wherever your live you've been joining us every week. We have one more show left for the season. And so we're going to try to make this one, which is the next to the last show. An exciting show for you Do want to actually also know right now, If you have questions, please send him to me. We answer questions on the show all the time. For fans of the show. Send your questions to Gary Leland at gmail dot com. Scary Leland at gmail dot com and we'll try to get your questions on the show. And don't worry. We're only going to use your first names. So there's a question you're worried about saying your name. All were going to say is your first name on this show. So please send us your questions for sure. Now, do you want to let you know today we have got a great guests for you. A great guess. Jeff Van drew junior. He runs the key. Keep I no, I'm saying that wrong and, uh, there's more to it. But the key Keep IRA, I believe is what it is, and he's an accountant, CEPA

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