The Positives and Negatives of Investing Your Money in gold


The positives and negatives of investing your money in gold by Robert Farrington of the college investor Dot Com. Do you remember all the hype around gold in the not. So distant past from two thousand, seven to two thousand eleven. The value of an ounce of gold went from about five hundred dollars to eighteen hundred dollars. If you would have purchased gold in two, thousand seven, you would have nearly quadrupled your investment in just five years. Now, that is one heck of an investment. Around this time I also pronounced that you shouldn't buy gold and it received a lot of criticism in more recent years. Gold has settled back down to around thirteen hundred dollars and sometimes slightly less than that. So hopefully, you took my advice, but the question still remains in the back of people's minds. Would it be wise to invest in gold right now? At, its current price gold is worth five hundred dollars less than its previous high. So one would think that an increase in value could be on the horizon. Here's what you really need to know about the pros and cons of investing in gold. Pros of investing in gold. In my opinion, there are three major pros when it comes to gold investment one, it's equality hedge against a down market to it will still have value of paper currency inflates and three. There is an apparent upside to its value versus years. One Gold is a quality hedge against a down market. As we all saw in two thousand seven when the stock market took a dive everyone began putting their faith in gold instead with the higher demand in gold and with a limited supply. The price of gold went up massively within the next couple of years we may witness another steep downmarket, which may again increase the value of gold. Two Gold we'll still have. Value Paper currency inflates. Local currencies constantly fluctuate against foreign currencies. It's the way of the world policies are in place to hold currency steady, but they're not always foolproof once a currency begins to make a downward spiral it can be very difficult to stop severe inflation, which of course, decreases our purchasing power. Is often the more solid option for currency since there's a finite amount of this precious metal if you have gold, then you're likely to hold on to more of your overall worth than someone that is put all of their faith in the banks and paper currency. Three, there is an apparent upside to the value of gold. As I stated before gold was once at eighteen hundred dollars but now rests at value of less than thirteen hundred. If there's a slight blip in our economy that sends fear through the nation, then gold could easily spike back to eighteen hundred mark. It no longer seems far fetched because after all the value has already been there before. Cons of investing in gold. I used to be a huge advocate of gold and silver investing but my opinions on this investment technique have changed largely because of these cons. One Gold has a terrible historical return. If you went back two hundred years and put ten thousand dollars in gold ten, thousand in bonds and ten thousand stocks, which of these investments would come out on top. Well, if you're smart, you would probably not choose gold to be the top investment but the astonishing part about this is how poorly it actually performed versus the stocks and bonds. Here are the values of your investments after two hundred. Years. Old Twenty six thousand dollars bonds eight million dollars stocks five point six, billion dollars. Based on the historical returns gold is a lousy investment. To Gold is worthless if things get really bad. As a pro, we stated that gold is a great hedge against the dollar inflating, which causes us to lose our purchasing power. This is true. But what if the currency becomes absolutely worthless and we all have to resort to trading goods to survive what value is gold at that point? Well, let's see me certainly can't eat gold. So it is of little value for that purpose and you really can't make anything easily out of gold either. So there really isn't any value they're pretty much at this point your gold nuggets in bars are only as valuable as Iraq because he might be able to throw it at something and kill it. Three gold only earns you money when you sell it. The biggest con of investing in gold in my opinion. Oh and Warren Buffett's is that it produces you absolutely nothing when you own it. If you want to grow truly wealthy than you want to buy an asset that produces a passive income while you own it so that you can then by other assets that make you even more wealthy. Warren started doing this as a boy. When he bought a hunk of land, he knew the land would increase in value but the truly great part is investment was that he could earn an income each year from the local farmer that wanted to rent his land after a few years of Rental Income Warren Kundun reinvest his money into even more land and do this over and over again, this method allowed him to buy assets that gained in value, but also gave him income while he owned them.

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