Not necessarily build the offense that helps him out. The most could take Baker Mayfield


Morning, and it started here talking about last night's game, which I think We had built up to be a referendum on Baker Mayfield and his ability to be the starting quarterback and effectively for this Cleveland Browns team. What? What do you What did you take from last night relative to that? That is not necessarily about Baker Greenie as much as it's about Kevin's fancy, right. Kevin Stefanski was supposed to come in here, come in there and fix Baker Mayfield, which they thought Freddie Kitchens was the man to do. But if you look at coming off his rookie year, we saw Baker Mayfield breaks. You know that the touchdown rookie record and have a great season and be so explosive and accurate and so excited again. You know, called him quote dangerous and I felt like they came in the next year to build the team around him, not necessarily build the offense that helps him out. The most could take Baker Mayfield from Baker Mayfield and highlights what he does well, but let's go out and get all of these weapons and fling it all around the field. Well, Kevin Fancy was brought in to change that He's brought into a wonderful ball first, like we saw with Calvin Cooke and Kurt Cousins last year in Minnesota, and then off of that go through the play action Pass, Stefan, Big and Adam feeling deep and make huge plays in the passing game. What we saw last night. That this is going to be a baker Mayfield We see every week or that Baker Mayfield is going to be good for the remainder of his career, but that this is the type of offense where Kevin Kevin Fancy started out with quick passing game, allowing Baker to feel good, almost like watching a three point shooter. Get to the free throw line, and you could see the ball go in the net. And then, when he had one on one coverage outside one of the most explosive wide receivers with a game Odell Beckham Jr. He got him outside of the pocket for the better man started moved and touched. Special you need to see from the Cleveland Brown. That's what we need to be formal offenses playcalling standpoint, and we finally got it And he was better. But then you look at the second half instead of saying, You know what? Let all had you around the fire and have a queen by on Watch Baker pile up the yardage. It's going on the Cincinnati biggest chemist and fancy stable. Wait. I got like Chuck, I got Karim Hunt. They can't stop the run. Let's pound the football until we score instead of trying to make Baker Mayfield feel good, because you know what makes him feel good. Not

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