Tension. Nick Chubb, who I think is their best offensive player,


Up in their secondary. They lost the rookie Grandell pit for the year with a terrible injury, and hopefully he'll be able to come back from that at some point, But it's not gonna be this season. They're missing linebackers at two corners. Greedy Williams from Alice, You and Kevin Johnson, who is an important player on their defense of the hope. Is that get some guys back, But I mean, yeah, There were a couple of guys playing in the defense last night. I don't want to name names because I feel like it's not right after Do they want? Okay, But there are a couple guys plan on the defense last night that should be in the arena League, the Canadian League or not in the national Football, So bios made a great play forced eternal. Denzel was fantastic on a J. Green, who was targeted 13 times and only caught three passes. That's awesome against still one of the best receivers and football, But you know, the Browns have defensive problems to allow 30 points to Joe Paro in the Bangles to allow five for five on fourth down. The nice thing is when you And you can correct those things hopefully headed into their next game, and then they have a little extra time. 10 days before they play Washington a week from Sunday. Aaron Goldhammer on with us from ESPN, Cleveland, Kesha on J Will and Zubin. Let me ask you this often off the field. Is there anybody on Cleveland's team right now? Currently in the sports world that could basically be the face of Cleveland sports post LeBron So, Keyshawn, we have that billboard space, you know, right across from the arena that became like a Cleveland landmark. Like when my friends from out of town would come in. It would want to take a picture in front of that famous LeBron billboard. It was it was like the most famous spot in town is even more famous than the rock Hall. You know what? Whatever else you know, Cleveland has to offer. And eventually I think LeBron belongs back up on that billboard in some capacity, But people were saying, you know here, put Baker Mayfield up there, Not after one game last night. He still thrown too many interceptions. Guys. I iving Nick Chubb is that good guy and Nick Chubb might be the best running back. The Browns have had It's Jim Brown retired. It has been

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