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Here. The Republicans do despite what I just said they do have some faultlines. They've got six seats right now that on a precarious bubble. which will almost likely be galvanized around the question of the court. And so the question for McConnell is weighing do I still want to be majority leader twenty, twenty one and this is my my pera going out the door or do I or do I want to do something different. So the Democrats can play this a little bit better than one may think they've got some cards here particularly with the Lisa Murkowski already said she's not voting for nominee Susan Collins Corey from Senator. Black for a second from. UTAH? Is also another possible? Senator. Lee. Lee and Cory Gardner. All of these, all of these players are now in in play in that regard. So there is I. Think. A lot of room here to have something done. Oddly enough in which the decisions made will wait. Will actually way because it may be better looking at the election from the Republicans respect trump gets reelected. Will still get to fill the seat and that's a risk their consider but I think the Democrats may have a little bit more room than one may think. Given the dynamics of the six the six seats in possibly more that could be in played next year. I mean this November I think you might have actually meant. I think you might actually meant Senator Romney from Utah Michael Steele. Our Court court. Yes. Exactly. Romney from Utah but I was thinking Colorado. Pau Cory Gardner is in the in the fight for his life in Colorado and the majority of Colorado's believe that they're going to take one Supreme Court justice or a Supreme Court decision that might come up or was likely to come up again abortion the majority of Colorado's. Believe that abortion should be legal Michael Steele. Thank you so much Jonathan. Lemere thank you as well. Brian the call I'll toss it back to leave Levy with this one thing though I was talking to a Schumer staffer a little bit earlier tonight and I was asking them him what they were going to do to delay. Potentially this vote of McConnell brings it to the floor and the response I got was we're going to delay it as long as we possibly can and quote fire and fury. While I saw one of your other bits of reporting tonight Katie on social media It's not TV friendly but I'LL TRY TO PARAPHRASE A. Trump source said he's one lucky mother bleed. So Katie, you've been full of fresh reporting tonight. Grateful to have all of it. I WanNa tell all of our viewers though that you are hosting a special documentary justice Ginsburg on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at the top of the hour just a few moments from now Bryan. Joy Reid I'm so excited to tell you about my new MSNBC, show the readout every weeknight I'm talking with the biggest news makers about the most pressing issues of our time like. The words President matter and so as President United States the first thing I'm GonNa do stand up and talk sense and be honest with the American people level with them. ATLANTA. Mayor Keisha Land's bottom. We need as many voices as we can have as possible sounding the alarm encouraging people to wear masks and to take all precautions and to Baal the science. And the data Senator Kamala Harris, we send folks into war wearing camouflage.

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