U.S. judge approves injunction to delay WeChat restrictions


A request from a group of us we chat users to delay looming federal government restrictions that could effectively make the popular app nearly impossible to use Judge Laurel Bealer ruling it would affect users. First Amendment rights we chat is a popular messaging focused app. It's popular with Chinese speaking Americans. It also serves as a lifeline really to friends. Family customers in business contacts in China. The US move attempt anyone a part of the Trump Administration's plan TTO punish Chinese owned companies. Sena's national security threats of the U. S, of course, also forcing the sale of TIC tac toe. What now appears to be Oracle and Wal Mart. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the Fox business Network. Can you explain how this is not a national security risk Secretary because bite dance the Chinese company still going on 80% of this tic tac global, and we know that if the Chinese company the Chinese Communist Party wants that data of American citizens, they're going to get it given the civil military fusion laws in China. So how is this not a risk? Him or that you've nailed the right point. With respect to reach at Tic Tac and all other Chinese telecommunications companies have been working on a wild way for years. Now the single rule is this. We know one American data in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party for the exact reasons you describe. It will end up in the hands of their MSs, their security apparatus, their military There's civil military fusion program so that that's the real president Trump laid down. As with the transaction around Tic tac, Um I've seen the outlines of what the president now has said he is conditionally. Okay with what they're doing. Eat this deal. If approved in the end, if ultimately approved, will ensure that no Americans data has any access to anyone in China that has any capacity to move this to a place. We don't want it. We will ensure that that firewall Israel that the protectionist serious that the data resides in places that are connected to the Chinese information system, whether there's still some Chinese ownership, will they still a collective world to check from the benefits of the business? Mother being American headquarters will be controlled by Americans and the data. Most importantly, the data the very reason we have gone after Tic Tac that data will be in a place that we have confidence that no American will have the risk that their data will end up. The hands of the Chinese Communist Party bail, making the comments to the Fox business Network Bite Dance, Appearing to agree with bite by dance would have 80% majority stake in the new U. S based company. Yes, that is true. Oracle. Oracle of Walmart will have minority stakes and in TIC Tac global, but Pompeo there, explaining it in stock options. About three

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