Oracle Results Bolstered by Cloud-Computing Growth


Peleton and Oracle both on the move. After results we got full team coverage. Let's kick things off Josh Lipton. Oracle's quarter Josh. So Melissa I caught up with Kirk turnover at ever corker covers oracle I to his quick taking solid top and bottom line results driven says by licensed revenue beat and lower operating expenses. Key questions on the call queue to guides, which we just got now relate to you all more color about its competitive position in the public cloud market. When is EPS Growth Kirk wants? To translate into cash flow growth. Of course, another big question is Oracle's in Tik toks US operations. Kirk is actually previously written about says, it could make sense of Oracle. Sees that as more of an investment meaning, find a partner and then spin out the business and that scenario he says, oracle would run TIKTOK instead, it really just gains a new Internet customer for. Its cloud business co soffer cats also giving some color here saying our infrastructure businesses are also growing rapidly as revenue from zoom more than doubled from four last year to Q. One and this year I have a high level of confidence. She says that our revenue accelerate as we move on past covid

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