Surprise! Nintendo just announced a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild prequel for Switch


Nintendo just announced a legend of Zelda breath of the wild prequel for the switch. This comes to us via the Euro Gamer so. TIROL WARRIOR IS AGE OF CALAMITY A prequel to the legend of Zelda breath of the wild. It's throughout the twentieth of November this year on intendo switch is set one hundred years before the birth of the wild. Witness the events of the great calamity firsthand and tried to save hi rule from destruction reads the official blurb who got got me going. All right. Let, the developer is Coy tecmo maker of twenty, fourteen hack and slash. Rule warriors producer you'll suitca high she said that while age of calamity retains the Gameplay style of the warriors series with quote exciting one versus thousand battles and a wide variety of playable characters. This will be only game that lets who experienced the world one hundred years prior to the events breath of the wild. Cell Development? Chief. An own. Numa. Say. that. Ao Numa. Am I've always I've always said that his name despite studying Japanese I always that's why I was asking you. Stephanie's. Describing described age of Colombia's as a combination of the well detailed world of breath of the wild with warriors game play. Therefore, he added, I, believe this game will offer the experience of the gravity battles that weren't fully shown in the original game of course antenna. Breath at the wild to in the video below Enuma said that fans will have to wait a little bit longer before we can provide more updates. So don't told you breath just yet.

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