Oregon wildfire under criminal arson investigation, police say



Enforcement authorities in Oregon have opened a criminal investigation into one of the major wildfires burning in that state is Oregon Public Broadcasting's Conrad Wilson reports. At least one person was killed by the fire and hundreds of homes have been burned. Oregon State police into local police departments are looking into how the Alameda Fire in southern Oregon began as part of an arson investigation. So far, the fire has burned at least 600 homes, mostly in the towns of Phoenix and talent. Hi. O'Mara is the chief of the Ashland Police Department. It involves not only the studying of the fire, but the death of somebody immediately after the fire was set somebody that was killed by the fire. That investigation is criminal and it is ongoing. The numbers of homes, businesses and people lost in the fire raging across Oregon are all expected to increase in the coming days as fires continue to spread in the damages assessed.

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