Trump says he didn't lie about the coronavirus


Last night the president of the United States watched five straight nonstop hours of Fox lunacy, and then he started his day today by watching three more hours of the same stuff and he admitted that today in a press conference where he was trying to recover from the things that he admitted on tape to Bob Woodward and Bob. Woodward's new book rage. Donald trump is always the most damning witness against Donald Trump as he was today when he told us what he was doing last night for five hours instead. Of Reading the Harvard School of Public Health New Report on the impact of Corona virus on households in major US cities. The Harvard reports starting to America's four largest cities and says, half or more households in New York Los Angeles Chicago in Houston report facing serious financial problems during the corona virus outbreak with issues ranging from depleting their savings to serious problems paying rent Donald Trump doesn't know that because he spent five hours last night watching Fox and three hours this morning as he does every night and every morning when Donald Trump went to the White House briefing room today to try to rescue. Campaign. From being swamped by the Bob Woodward Book He finally faced a first question. That should have been the first question to Donald Trump. Every time he has submitted to report is questions since he became a presidential candidate and then president of the United, states we had to wait. Until the end of the fourth year of the trump presidency for the first question to Donald Trump to finally be. Why did you lie to the American people? Why did you lie to the American people? Why should we trust? Would you have to say how terrible question and the phraseology I didn't lie what I said is we have to become we can't be panicked so. This is worse. Than the most strenuous flu. And you would. flew. What I went out and said, it was very simple. What I went out of Said is very simple. I WANNA show a level of confidence and I want to show. Strength as a leader. For Donald Trump showing confidence and strength always means moving his hands very strangely and lying because he has no confidence and he has no strengthening never has had either of those things. Donald Trump. Now stands accused in the court of public opinion of being personally responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people who would not have died of Donald. Trump had told America what he told Bob Woodward on February seventh.

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