1108- Strickland keeps Doug From Some Show


And now two different ways to say douchebag Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner's forty six minutes and they're and forty one seconds into this episode right now. So I'm looking at this and thinking, Hey, at eight thirty. Eight thirty five, I'm going to say I have until nine o'clock. I mean maybe maybe was a little after that. It's not like I told you eight, Fifty, eight, I have two minutes ago I told you literally twenty minutes twenty five, maybe thirty minutes before I'm like, Hey, I got to wrap up at nine o'clock and. You just kept going. You're remember remember when I said I have a semi formal. Getting outlets, it's not a black tie. The suit, a dark suit relationship with time. Okay. When we are actually recording our show. Yeah. Shit goes right out the window I'm sorry understood I got it. So villainous record it. I got it. Now I completely understand when we're in the recording, we have to have an agreement before we start recording because you get you get into the. Vortex. Finally getting, it's only eleven. You. Low Andy Walks the bases loaded on twelve straight pitches. How can the nice guys layout pitches that close? So Joy. Have you ever been to a Turkish prison? Gladiator movies. The Nice guys want to know. Three days a week they're able to hold it together. This is not one of those days. Welcome to fuck ARY with the Nice. Guys. Need not apply no interviews, lots of ranting and they sometimes stumble onto something useful. Go figure now it's time for a nice guys fuck with the kings of fucker themselves Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner Hideo. Can. You hear me no. Hear me. I hear you don't hear me. I can hear you. I hear you. Can you hear me now I can hear you hear me now I'm GonNa turn that off. It's Now I know it's like Cova da time and I know also that I don't have a life right but you gotta give me some warning sometimes right. So W recording, and by the way this is back in a row. Record on Monday and today we're recording on Wednesday instead of like eleven o'clock on a Thursday night. Instead of like Doug like maybe an hour and a half ago was like. What? Kenya. Yes. Doug Douglas Doug is playing the role of strict today where I start rambling and he ignores me so research year olds today totally back. Other side of the microphone Mr Duck Sandler, not paying attention. So. I totally. Wait a second hold on a second. And? Is there a delay here because for some reason when you talk and I'm trying to talk, it sounds like you're not hearing me so on the counter. Kind of three or going to smell. Why I'm ready a snap. No. The. Same time. No. I. Heard the same. I was really late for you. Yes. Start over again. I'll come back. I'm telling you were right on time from me. So I think it's it's yours. But, here we'll try to go ahead one-two-three you go ahead and count. Are you ready now I'm not hearing you at all Oh and now you're out. Now Doug Is. Completely trying to figure out what the Hell is going on. I'm going to share my screen Doug 'cause I'm going to say hey so what exactly is the is the problem here and did you see that number right there? Wow. Yeah. It's an almost the number of he's no it's not a real number here. Our refresh it right now, I want to get six six. Was Six zero. That's my internet speeds six, hundred and fifty megabytes. So I just need to

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