Michel Comte


Luxury. I will help on concord and sometimes to same night I flew back to Paris and this is the way our life was being used to go to fifty four the used to go to the palace it was extraordinary. This was maybe the golden age of aviation. Then the other side of this I am right now since about thirteen, you walk in a major major clemma project. I started recording the decline of all the glacier mathis. And from money looking at me, I must have probably though more. Carbon footprint in the world. So our life drastically changed a I think this is incredible. What's happening today? We have right now about surtees three. percent less global pollution than we had in the month of December. So maybe we were kicked in our gut. Born in Zurich Michel comte moved to Paris as a fine art restorer in the seventy s where he was discovered by the late Karl Lagerfeld who gave him his first fashion assignment for chloe since then he's traveled the world capturing iconic portraits for all the major houses and publications including folk Vanity Fair. By the nineteen nineties, he was one of the world's most in demand photographers. Michelle comte is also the grandson of Alfred comte the. Swiss aviation pioneer in one, thousand, nine, hundred, nine together with photographer Walter Middle Holzer Alford founded the airline COMTE Middle Holzer and company which in time became Swiss air or the airline. We now know today as Swiss Alford is now the subject of Michele's forthcoming book comped aviator a visual biography of his grandfather's great successes and tragedies a story also of the birth of Swiss. Aviation Back in March at a time and over a third of all planes have been grounded I. Sat down with Michelle Come to reflect the golden age of commercial air travel on the extraordinary life achievements of both grandfather

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