Looking Back On The First Year Sober


Let's get to it. Here's heather. We're going to talk about that first year of sobriety today with Miss Heather who is joining US heather is about sixteen sober. So she just triumphed this one year mark that can be elusive for some people. Really. Hard to achieve. This is going to be fantastic conversation just talking about the difference in that first year when you get over that. Hump, and what it's like going into your second year and how did things change and now that you've had some distance and looking back on that first year, what is that feel like and how do you see things differently, those are all the things we're gonNA talk about. But to start, let's welcome heather to the show and heather. Why don't you take a few minutes and just tell everybody a little bit about you and your story. Takes her having me. I'm excited to be here with you definitely a big fan and obviously part of the the group that you have on facebook. So a lot of good information out there to women about my story. I, say it started to get pretty bad. Out Seven years ago so you know growing up drinking at my house it was normal everybody drank every party we got everything was surrounded around drinking and I I. Probably had my first drink at fourteen and that just because everyone else was it wasn't like I felt the urge to drink. But back then I would drink and I wouldn't crave it went on like that all the way through college up until about my first child and then exchanged that point. Something happened where The way that I consumed alcohol was different I thought that I had to have it to calm me down. And it really changed outlook on how I drank, and then I had my second son or my second child. And was I had him it got worse and worse. This whole time may still jobs still have the same family still haven't lost everything, but things did start going bad by took my husband police were to my house things that as a professional women I would never think would happen in my lifetime because I was always quote the good one and didn't have these issues and so it got to a point though where I would wake up have to figure out what am I gonNA drink today how am I gonNa get it in and that would be my constant thought. Lou Up at one point where I finally got sick of myself in my husband was asking me to go to Rehab my family would say to me this is ridiculous your drinking. and. Finally, I had an incident on a business trip where I just. In, the mirror and I said I cannot look at myself anymore and and do this, and so I flew from place I was to Rehab for thirty days and really embraced program. Never Mind I'm not get out of this show home. Someone said. To me, they said, I want you to try. All you have to do is try if you really want to go home, you can try it and see how or extreme. So from that moment, would someone say not to be changed my outlook and I thought well, I, did fly all the way here to try to get sober based on really hitting my rock bottom impact impacted to my job A. Little Bit. That was my last Straw. So I stay stuck it out key back to my hometown and the first thing I did when I got back, which we have suggested was a meeting and so fortunately I did have some contacts air I contacted them and I was home at midnight on Saturday night from Rehab, and then the next morning I was at a women's meeting and so I just really. From, that point I try to get sober for the past four years of four years prior to the sixteen months that I have and nothing would ever work. It just I didn't I wasn't ready but once I decided I was ready and came back and just I just took direction really instead of listening to myself because my thoughts don't leave me to the right places. Or the right thoughts, and then also make excuses when I finally just listen to what other people are saying, and then still continued that. Let's just try to keep to keep trying and I kept saying that to myself an Harry. M.. Now six months.

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