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Get to as many as I can. You could send me an email. Scoot at deputy very well. Dotcom Alright, were going to come back with with your comments and it is free for all Friday and I know I kind of started off seriously there in the beginning, But you know, let's sum let's just kind of cut up the rest of the show. You know, I'm angry that the city is not moving into Phase three. But you know, we have a rightto have fun here, So let's do it in the final hour. Here's a song that reminds us of Past. Remember when people used to get together and line dance? You realize how far people would have to be spread out to social distance in line dance, but it could happen, right? Anyway. Song reminds us of days gone by. But if we keep wearing masks and doing the right thing will get back to all of us. I'm scooch. We're coming back on us. Now another traffic update on the big 8 70 wwl and w W well on FM at 1053 from traffic Center of Josh Woodhouse coming in from the West Bank on the Crest City Connection slowdowns backed up to Stuff Boulevard on the elevated expressway. Coming off the bridge. You've got an accident up by the O'Keefe exit. From downtown out towards Metarie in Kenner. No major delays westbound on I 10 to the body. Carrie Spillway. Bridge traffic coming from Metarie. A bottle necking delays on I 10 it. Williams that'll open up past the veterans Exit Causeway Bridge. North found no problems there, South bound roadwork again that would be in the right lane At the beginning of the bridge from downtown towards the East. I tend slow through the sixth emerge up to the high rise. Then no issues there out to Slidell coming into the city from a ST Bernard on the Claiborne Bridge. You've got an accident nearby at Poland have a traffic tip called going to be all follow 4 to 6 to win. Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The doctor

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