Charred body of poker player found in Michigan park


The FBI has joined the investigation into the mysterious death of a professional poker player known as Suzie Q., her burn body was discovered in a public park in Michigan grew up, but her career spanned the country and tonight. Investigators are asking for the public's help to together. What happened? Here's ABC's Renshaw. Right this is Suzie. Zahle Professional Poker Player who went by the name Suzie Q. Raking in a fifteen thousand dollar hand. Tonight the FBI Michigan State Police in an urgent search to find the killer behind her mysterious disappearance. Zach's body was found burned on July. Thirteenth in a secluded recreational area of the Pontiac. Lake authorities are not ruling out her death, being linked to someone in her poker circuit, which spanned across the country to determine whether or not. This is a cover up or this. Maybe some sort of retaliatory incident because of her profession, thirty-three-year-old recently moved from Los Angeles to live with her parents in Oakland County, Michigan. She had just been seen by her mother the night before she disappeared her loved ones. Now saying they're at a loss for who could have taken her life I can't even think how somebody could do that. She was a free spirit in the truest sense. She played by our own rules. She followed her dreams. Bicycle Casino is one of the places where Suzie Q. would play poker. She was just in the L. A. Area a month before she went missing, but tonight police honing in on the key dates July, twelfth and thirteenth, asking for anyone who saw during that time to help them with this murder mystery

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