Hathras gang rape: India victim cremated 'without family's consent'


Protests have erupted across India over the gang rape and death of a woman from the most marginalized community in the country's ancient caste system. We have details from NPR's Lauren Frayer. Down with caste discrimination down with rape. Protesters chanted in Delhi, The victim was a doll it the most oppressed cast in India for dominant caste men have been arrested for allegedly gang raping her and leaving her body in a field. A 19 year old died in a hospital Two weeks later. Her family says authorities cremated her body last night against their wishes. Marital rape or raped by family members is more common in India, but brutal gang rapes and murders get wall wall to to wall wall coverage coverage in in local local media. media. Some Some of of the the protests protests sparked sparked by by this this one one have have been been led led by by the the BIM BIM Army, Army, a a political political party, party, the the champions champions the the rights rights of of Dalits. Dalits. Lauren Frayer. NPR

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