Philadelphia Opening Satellite Election Locations To Make It Easier For Residents To Cast Ballots Early


Well well during during the the debate, debate, President President Trump Trump mentioned. mentioned. Philadelphia Philadelphia then then claimed claimed that that poll poll watchers watchers were were thrown thrown out out yesterday yesterday at at voting voting locations locations around around the the city. city. Officials Officials say say that's that's not not true. true. W tym Jimenez joins us live with the details. Good morning to him. Good morning, Linda. A lot to unpack here. It was towards the end of the debate. When the integrity of the election came up in the president had this to say in Philadelphia. They went in to watch. They were called Pollwatch is a very safe. Very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren't allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things. Miller. This followed that earlier in the day when the president tweeted about the poll watchers being thrown out of what he calls voting places. All that not true, according to city officials. So what he's referring to are not polling places of of the seven satellite election offices that opened up yesterday here in Philadelphia. They're poll watchers there because there are only supposed to be president at actual polling places on Election Day. These officers are aware study residents Congar, a registered voter apply for a mail in ballot complete that and drop it off. Ballads are being secured and are not allowed to be opened until Election Day. Mayor Kenny and Twitters to the city is following state laws Lynn and not the president's suites, and he maintains there. Again doing everything they can to make sure this is safe and fair Election and once again saying these air, not polling places. These are the satellite election offices that started open up yesterday. All right, thanks very much. W tym Jimenez joining us live

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