Fort Bend's Smart Financial Centre, southwest of Houston, will serve as mega voting center for November election



Bend County is going to have 30 early voting polling locations. Here's Nicky Courtney. Fort Bend County Judge KP George's announcing their newest location today, I'm so proud to announce announce that that smart smart financial financial centre centre is is going going to to be be in in the the next next election, election, Adlai Adlai boarding boarding and and also also Election Election Day, Day, a a mega mega boarding boarding center, center, The Smart Financial Center will have plenty of parking at a very easy to access location with 60 machines. Fort Bend has new voting machines this year, first used in the primary runoff with a paper back up the first round of mail in ballots going out now the rest of you to be mailed out early next week. When it comes to you in person voting in Fort Bend, all voters can cast a ballot at any voting location. Nicky, Courtney NewsRadio, 7 40 K. T. R. H. Harris

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