Cleveland Indians suffer wild-card nightmare in 12-3 loss to New York Yankees


The game last night, Yankees, and Indians and incredible match basis. You had seen Bieber the guy who's been the best pitcher on the planet this. Year versus Garrett Cole the Best Pitcher on the planet last year we thought they were going to be very few runs well, that didn't turn out to be the case, the gigantic right hand hitter leaning out over the plate from the stretch. The pitch is swaying in a high fly ball into right center field Ed's deep racing back to shields at the wall, and that ball is gone homerun Aaron judge and a quick strike for the New York Yankees they jump out in front on Bieber to nothing. Yet Dj Lemay Hugh had singled and then Aaron Judge Rip Day Homerun four pitches into the game. The Yankees at a two old lead on Bieber. Any never recovered this is what happened in the top of the fifth any gleyber Torres at the plate swing a high fly ball into left center field deep on run Naylor back to the wall looking up and that ball is God. In his Outta here it just snuck out off the top of the wall out gleyber Torres with a two run homer. And a Yankees keep slugging away they lead it seven to two. That call from OBI, the Great Obi Dave, O'Brien on ESPN radio the Yankees go on to win twelve to two in game on Garrett Cole was fantastic. He had thirteen strikeouts. No walks. He's a second Yankee pitcher with ten plus strikeouts in the team's first game of the postseason hall of. FAMER. Red. Roughing at ten strikeouts in Game One, the nineteen thirty, two world series against the cubs and with thirteen strikeouts walks Cole also match Tom seaver game one of the Nineteen seventy-three and LCS for the most strikeouts in a postseason appearance without issuing. A. Walk the AKC's four homers in this game tied for the second most in a playoff game. In franchise history, they had five homers in game four of the nineteen twenty eight world series against the cardinals. So when you can match numbers going back to the world series from Nineteen thirty two and nineteen twenty eight says a lot about how much yankees dominated in Game One Garrett Cole talked about his first postseason start with the Yankees. Now there was a lot of fun I mean it was a really complete team day my thought that. The middle innings when. They scored we responded with. Sizeable lead which. I thought was kind of allow them Try Not allow them to get some momentum through news dunes and. We keep on defense become elite runners lean offers off. The bags which was kept a pitch count down and we swap bats really well, and I joined myself so a nice that. You also talked about setting the tone. We need to set the tone for the series and You, know. I'm obviously very painful ambled gable to take the ball in this position So to be able to deliver feels really good and and obviously with my son area thrown felt pretty good too so. Yeah I would say I would say it definitely. was definitely a special night. But especially this year, we allow more baseball to to win so honestly celebrate to get stuff and and And showered off and come back to Marlin through all during the sixty game season Bieber did not allow more than three runs in any starting in this game he allowed seventy talked about his struggles after the game Yes. I felt. Extremely prepared coming into the start just like every other start, the season and. Fell behind first hitter and and that I obviously didn't go as planned. I felt like overall looking back at the outing. Objectively. Just, wasn't as aggressive as I wish I would have been with my ob- speeds of in the zone and maybe some fastballs in and just challenging these guys a little bit more. I felt like I fell behind quite a bit and forced myself into some bad situations and so bad counts, and then you know all that on top of not having my stuff and making mistakes. Amounted to what came out of tonight so No excuses was. It was. Not. The the I start that. We wanted to get out. With and Me personally as well but we got two more games and and cookies go out there and do thing tomorrow and hopefully I'll get the ball back as soon as possible in these three series right away elimination games later today Carlos. Carrasco? Shame. Bieber just referenced the right there cookie versus Masahiro Tanaka

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