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Welcome to the Empty Bowl might name is Justin mcelroy and I am a serial enthusiast. My name is Dan Gilbert and I am a serial ethnographer in the sense that I know the cereal culture in the overall breakfast. Zeitgeist well enough to understand the impact of some of the stories we're about to talk about today. that's. So exciting we have so much going on this first news story Dan. I have to tell you. I'm thrilled over here over on this end. I mean it's huge. It's absolutely. Substantial. So. When you write about serial for five years I have inevitably you end up seeing some of the same things again and again, and one of the easiest things to do when you're reading about serial is to tell the world about the weirdly specific cereals that you've always wanted to see on shelves and for me Besides gingerbread toast crunch I think the second most idea of cereal I've ever had would be a little. OATMEAL, cream pies cereal, and now we must wait no more as Kellogg's has partnered with the snack brand to bring oatmeal cream pie cereal two shelves later this year. What's IT GONNA look like? So so from appearance alone, it doesn't necessarily look like the sort of sandwiched cream, an oatmeal cookie. Snack cake that you're familiar with It looks more like a brown oatmeal ring cereal, which is fine. I'm not really in this for appearances so much as the legacy of the snack taking question. You say, what did you say that the cream pie is your favorite little w product It's up there with cosmic Brownie alum that plastic chocolate on a on a cosmic Brownie I used to get star crunches a lot when I was a kid in my lunch bag but I don't like those so I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that but. You know it the for me. I'd say it's a three way tie between the oatmeal Cream Pie the double decker oatmeal cream pies. Distinct feast and the fudge around, which is essentially just a chocolate oatmeal cream by but overall I, think the oatmeal cream pies and amazing snack product. It's probably my go-to whenever I am Matt a gas station stopped long road trip. So I'm very very excited to see it come serial form. Especially, it's going to be a thin line to walk to get that exact flavor because as I, discovered recently. Raisins are in the battle of the bill cream pie. It's sink. Yes. Yes. Yes. Raisins in the OATMEAL cream. Pie. So that's why like you get that like is what gives it its distinct flavor is that there's raisins mixed into into the batter period into the better so. That will be a tricky flavor to to nail. Think I'm really hoping that mine is not the only mind that you've blown with this revelation right here because I did not know that at all I mean. meanwhile, I was just hoping that this is an actual oath based serial rather than some some sort of corn contraption because I think it'd be really an authentic otherwise but. I think my favorite thing about the story overall is how you just know that someone at Kellogg's saw post team up with hostess to drop the sort of twinkies, etcetera cereals, and immediately thought. Get Little Debbie on the horn. We're not going to stand for this sort of force that cooperation to happen. Yeah, it's funny that you mentioned cosmic brownies actually because when the story first broke before, it became official from Kellogg's themselves There was a youtube video of someone reviewing the little debbie cereal or oatmeal cream pies cereal before anyone knew about it and they were also reviewing cosmic Brownie cereal. It was weird because they had the box for Little Debbie oatmeal cream pies cereal but they didn't have any official box art for the cosmic brownies cereal and the stuff really kinda looked like the cocoa puffs Brownie crunch that rerelease not too long ago. So it's very uncertain. The legitimacy of this cosmic Brownie cereal because after the news officially dropped I reached OCTA Kellogg's my contact there and ask them about this and all I could tell me in the Vegas. Possible terms was that a cosmic brownies Syria was not releasing at this time. The seems like a tacit confirmation that cosmic Brownie Syria was at least considered whether it will actually be released or not or if it was scrapped entirely remains uncertain but the point remains that we're entering a brave new world of snack cakes, cereals and I'm all here for it.

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