Episode #49: Direct Connections - Jonny Mopar (Part 1)

Talking Mopars


Welcome to episode number forty nine in another installment of direct connections returning to the show to talk mo parts with me for the third time as our friend. Johnny Mo par when Johnny. Nighthawk Mo- parts. We have a good time and sometimes we get a little amped up. So know that there is some colorful language in this episode that may be unsuitable for younger listeners or those sensitive to bad words. So without further ado if are. You are in the right place. Don't go anywhere. You're tuned into the best moment theseus driven podcast on planet Earth and I'm your host Chris Albrecht better known as the Mope one hundred and this is talking, Mo- pars direct connections. and. You're listening to talking. With the car hunter, your direct mention all things. Ladies and gentlemen. Once again for direct connections, we have our friend Johnny moped. This is the third time Johnny's been on the show Johnny. It's always a pleasure to have you on the show buddy how you doing. I'm doing really good Chris and yourself. I'm doing great man. You know just hanging in there we got wildfires all over the west coast right now. So air quality is poor but in the in the studio here we're doing. Okay. So Perfect for an episode of talking mopus direct connections with Johnny Marr once again. Now. Johnny you and I were just talking off air about. The Ram chargers and something unique about him that I didn't know about. Tell us kappa. So. Probably, about eleven years ago when I bought my duster I'm trying Oh. This guy was he reclaimed bumpers and he was up in the high desert area down here in southern California. Anyway I took my roadrunner bumpers, Mike Cornet Bumpers, and my seventy to charge to him to get recruit and then. Long Story. Short we be assing he added duster there. That was just a shell. I won't get into that story. We'll save that for another time, but I bought this dust off of them. But something else he and he had a lot of cool stuff. He had like himmy roadrunners, GT axes like this guy had. The bomb stuff the good stuff right because if I desert. That was Palmdale. Yeah. Somewhere around there. But Yeah. He had a lot of cool stuff tons and tons of stuff in a lot of restored cars really Nice high-dollar stuff. Yeah. He had a three forty Barracuda formula s you would have liked. Nice. Yeah, and it over in the corner he had He had ramp charger now. I think I don't remember it correctly. 'cause I thought it was a seventy nine and this ramp charger is a pop top. They call them pop top Ram charges but they're called half doors called pillar Louis basically the door frame instead of going all the way round the door glass it's it's not there is no frame around the door glass it that top half basically the top of the door frame and the back portion that it almost looks like somebody did it out of their garage, they cut it off of the door and then welded into the roof of the removable top for the Ram chargers. So. Basically, when you pull the top off of these things, it looks like a convertible it just has the windshield, the little wing window, and then there is no door frame around it just wide open all the way through the truck. So it's pretty cool. Yeah. He was telling me how rare these things were and. I thought man I was like, wow, I've never seen one. It was a pretty cool. Pretty cool thing to see and then. You know when we talk we've come up with a couple of Trivia things and I thought man that's a cool thing to talk about I had thought of it. So I wrote down in my phone and then I, think last time we talked we were Talking about doing the tin grills or are maybe we're talking about trucks I don't know what it was but I I was thinking, okay i WanNa talk about this next time we talk. And then this Guy Patrick grissom. He posted a seventy nine dodge ram charger but the thing was a two will drive like dropped really low and it had no doorframes and I thought Oh.

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