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Be back every of you. Continuing coverage of Sally on 8, 70 AM WWL New Orleans 1053 WWL, effeminate one Cantor, New Orleans. W W WELL first news. It's three o'clock. I'm Chris Miller on your official weather station, WWL AM FM and dot com Hurricane Sally rapidly intensified this morning and is now forecast to make landfall near Biloxi. Wednesday is a Category two storm with top sustained winds around 105 MPH. WWL TV meteorologist Peyton Malone's is the further East that I makes landfall, the less rainfall that could mean for the New Orleans area. Absolutely it does, and trains have been good. They're too because that's what we're mostly worried about here in New Orleans has been the rainfall component. Um and you know could look at maybe lesson 2 to 4 inches. If it tracks far enough, East you go. You got to the river pair. She's mine not see an entry to it just depends, but certainly good news for the the rainfall potential if it tracks further east, he warns, however, with a slow moving hurricane like this one wobbles. We're not out of the question and the track could shift back towards Louisiana.

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