The Value Of Understanding Your Cultural Enemy #1019



I was watching a presentation, the other day by Steve Babcock now amongst other things, Steve's is the former chief creative officer overt vein media, and he was talking about brandon programming. This idea that branch should think of themselves as media companies and then create content or branded programming that is consistent with the brand message but is also in a format that people want to consume and one of the ideas that he touched upon this idea of identifying you'll cultural enemy which I thought was pretty clever because a lot of people have trouble describing what it is they want their brand to be be the what it is or what they aspire for to be but. Most people do know what they don't like. So if you can identify what type of culture, what type of organization, what type of brand is not what you want to be then it's much easier for you to stop getting clarity on what it is. You do want to be at the very least you can identify the actions you don't want to take the actions you want to avoid so that you don't become like your cultural enemy even if you don't end up with total clarity on water these your culture is at least you'll understand what it's not gonNa be, and you'll avoid it becoming your cultural enemy. So question for you, who is your cultural enemy? Already that is for today I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow.

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