Safe nor cars. Starting at around 1 A.m.. Andi. This is such a slow moving storm. We're looking at it



Anticipated to bring 7 to 11 Ft. Of Storm surge from the mouth of the Mississippi to Ocean Springs and 3 to 5. Ft. Of Storm surge, the governor said, is anticipated in like Pancho trains and more a paw. Norman's mayor, LaToya Cantrell's calling on residents to be ready in the event. Hurricane Sally doesn't do with the forecast expects to Wwll Dave Cohen report, the mayor says shifts to the East in the forecast track for Hurricane Sally seems to be better news for the city of New Orleans but knows there is still a significant threat can again easily moved back forecasts are not certain where the landfall will be, says the possibility of excessive rainfall has her concerned, so we're just trying to do the best that we can to prepare. Our city for a lot of rain fall, she says. Depending on the path wind could be a major issue to in addition to the surge outside of the levee protection Storm surge remains a concern outside levee protection in New Orleans, ST Bernard and Plaquemines Parish, with Sally upgraded to a hurricane and shifting more to the East ST Bernard Parish President guy McInnis. Says he expects his parish will still get hit with Tropical Storm force winds and Serge were thinking tropical stone whether 30 to 40 Mile an hour winds in safe nor cars. Starting at around 1 A.m.. Andi. This is such a slow moving storm. We're looking at it coming to Biloxi Marsh. One PM on Tuesday, According to the National Hurricane Center, Sally's winds jumped 20 MPH higher. She is expected to intensify even more to a Category two ST. Tammany Parish President Mike Cooper says the Hurricanes juke to the east is good news for them. The further eats it goes, Of course, the better. We're expecting a TTE this time the 46 FT Storm surge along League Party train Which will affect the lower areas of slide down the comb Madisonville in Mandeville. ST. Tammany Parish predicts 6 to 10 inches of rainfall, Cooper says that could cause rivers and buy used to overflow. Travel of Atlantic

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