The Skeptics Guide #792 - Sep 12 2020 - burst 19


Accurate that they generally tend to leave people alone. They don't go out of their way to hunt down people. So. There were sick. Only six cases were both attacked a person and none of those cases where were fatal there were over the same period time twenty, one cases of wolves attacking humans but they were provoked mainly by people feeding them. So they counted that provoked. We shouldn't try to feed wild wolf. And seems like pretty good. Yeah. Only one of those cases was fatal. The rest were not fatal, but it's not clear that actually that's a controversial case because they basically just saw wolf eating person and they didn't they didn't know if he was scavenging or yet killed the person they weren't able like they weren't able to definitively tell the wolf killed him. So it's one possible fatality the rest were nonfatal. Yeah. So you know also the all of the concerns about what was like they prey on livestock very little. It's insignificant compared to other losses, natural losses of livestock so. There's no reason to eradicate

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