Antares rocket launch at Wallops Flight Centre set for Sept. 29

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The Northrop Grumman Antares rocket with cygnus resupply spacecraft on board will head to space. Later this month launching from the mid Atlantic regional spaceport at NASA Wallops flight facility. The Antares launch is the company's Fourteenth Commercial Resupply Services Mission. Cygnus will deliver NASA science investigations, supplies, and equipment to the International Space Station highlights of space station research facilitated by this launch include a plant habitat for radishes the test of a biologic drug that could be used for the. Treatment of leukemia and the Universal Waste Management System. A new compact toilet that astronauts can use on deep space exploration missions a new three, hundred sixty degree virtual reality camera from a Montreal based film. Studio will also be transported to the station. So astronauts can capture a future spacewalk in cinematic virtual reality cargo resupply from US companies insurers a national capability to deliver critical science research to the space station and significantly increases masses ability to conduct new investigations at the only laboratory in space innovation. Now, I'm Jennifer pulley

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