Prince of Persia Remake Graphics Already Look Much Better in Updated Screenshot



Of Persia is back. The sands of time is getting remade. Now, this is not just a re master with a resing. It's actual using the term remake and they showed off a new trailer. It's coming to PC playstation four and xbox one on January. Twenty. First Twenty twenty one. What did you think of the trailer Tricia I I should ask you, I guess, play the original game in and so did you like it? I never owned the original game. So I was around while other people were playing Rachel Cam. And I enjoyed watching the bits that I watched, but it doesn't have the same nostalgic residents with me that I feel like it does with other people. I kind of had a similar a similar reaction to think. What I was the majority in chat watching it live, which is you know these graphics look two generations ago in this supposed to come to next gen consoles what Gibbs but I'm curious to ask you guys if either of you did play the original to a great extent did the graphics feel reminiscent of the original and maybe that's why that artistic choice was made. Certainly. I mean it looks as so many of these remakes do except for the ones that are really go for it but so many of these games. It looks like I remember the game looking you know because. In my head, it looked like that and then you go back and you screen shots like Oh, God? No, it didn't look anything like that. They've done a lot of work on this but in your head you're like Oh. Yeah. That looks like. The time which is a game I absolutely loved at the time and I'm kind of excited a replay it. Christian. How about you are you disappointed by the look of this remake or did you did you play the game with? What's your feelings played? It loved it. All of them I play them on. Game. Cube Big Fan of that of that series even the dark middle chapter with bangs in his is I could I got behind it. You know we were both listening the Thursday at the same time you're. Screaming our way through time travel. I am not excited about this remake I I want a new Prince of Persia for whatever reason replaying this game doesn't seem exciting to me I. think some games like Halo where the combat is a little bit more of a sandbox are a little more enticing. To combat to have been I don't know evolved. More needs to be a mortal colon writing for me to get. Yeah I don't know. That's the thing. If maybe they gave it like that man combat combat in the originals was good but I think third person action combat is kind of moved past that. Now I'm not I'm not super excited about I want a one a new game in the franchise in this race gets us that is this would breathe this. This game is remake doing well, does that get us the new game? The Franchise? Is this a stopgap to the game in the franchise? That's two years out. It may very well be but I I hope I'm wrong than if that's the case but I don't think this game will do particularly well, because while I, do think it looks kind of like how I remember the original looking. You know this is going to be coming out a few months after the new consoles are out and we're seeing spider man miles morales, and we're seeing maybe ray tracing on ratchet and clank in we're seeing other. UBISOFT. Know involve Hala and some of these other games that they're doing and I don't think people are going to be super excited about this remake coming out in January, which is a little bit of a weird time. Ano- Capcom has had some success with that date before to. Remix with remakes but those were bigger like after seeing that style of remake if it's not Tony Hawk purse gator one to a resident evil two I have a hard time getting out of bed for it. You know like We've been spoiled by incredible incredible remakes lately, and from what I saw of this Prince of Persia Sands of time remake doesn't seem to be at that caliber in my opinion.

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