Families Grateful Charges Were Filed In Soldiers’ Home Coronavirus Deaths, West Of Boston


The Holyoke soldiers home now facing charges in connection with the deaths of dozens of veterans there from covert 19 Attorney General Maura Healey. Criminal charges against superintendent than at Walsh. And former medical director David Clinton. Thes charges stem from their alleged role in the deadly coded 19 outbreak at the Holy Oak Soldiers home. We believe this is the first criminal case in the country. Brought against those involved in nursing homes during the Cobain 19 pandemic more from WNBC TV Cheryl Fiandaca, Thank God I was just so grateful that was Laurie Mandeville bowed its reaction to the criminal charges filed against the former Holyoke soldiers, home superintendent and its medical director. Lori's dad, Jim, one of 76 veterans who died after getting Cove in 19 at the state run facility. I personally believe they deserve the maximum sentence under law. Cheryl Blaze feels the same way. Her dad Robert, also died of Covitz at Holy Oak, the decisions that they made to put Bets together in a room that somewhere positive somewhere negative. It was criminal. It was awful. I'm thrilled. I'm really, really happy that they're being held accountable. Attorney Tom Lesser represents more than 20 families. In a civil rights lawsuit, heartened that Bennett walls and Dr David Clinton are indicted, but says others are also to blame for the tragic deaths. We have. I've defended. We have the secretary of Veterans of Bears Arena we have the director of nursing You have the assistant director of nursing We think those are the five people most responsible. The family say they know they have a long road ahead. But they now believe they're one step closer to justice. Coming up Bloomberg

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