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Left a legacy in the Dawkins. Ian View. Right. Still. The worst children's book ever although teaches valuable life lessons about death why you gotta do that by killing Ole yeller. I don't know but I mean if works All right. Rabies I moved. I thought we'd done this one it seems like an obvious one for us Yeah. It's definitely in our wheelhouse for sure I, did not know this either it is a virus on every continent in the world except Antarctica. Out of viruses that hold that that title that aren't on Antarctica sure. Yeah. Inhospitable place. Yeah and if a virus is on every continent chances are it's a very old one two and raised definitely is extremely old people have been writing about rabies for very long time. The must potatoes who know it's old. If you say that word sure they used to have a law where if your dog was rabid, you faced a stiff penalty a fine of sorts we had those laws today in the United States I mean a lot of our law stem from Mesopotamia and the code of Hammurabi. Sure. I if you watch somebody's house burned down and don't do anything that person can kill you still today dislike from the code of Hammurabi. If your neighbor's house is on fire you have to put it out you have to help it out Mesopotamia. So the word rabies in many languages means rage or go crazy. in Latin is from a Sanskrit Term Rob Haas to do violence. and. Then French l'orage lower is. It's the sexiest form of rabies comes from the French. Noun rubare meaning to go mad. So if you're not picking up on it. it's not a friendly virus. It's not one that you get a dog well. Say and for a long time I mean there was nothing we could do about rabies. Yeah. people went to Liege Belgium and pray to. Saint. Hubert. Yeah. That's a round name. Isn't it? Not? Yeah. Saint Hubert was the patron saint of Huntsman. And Dot quality footwear known apparently apparently no. That was. Saint Clark. Apparently saint husbands actually. I've not heard of that. It's a spinal tap joke never get my spinal tap jokes. No I need to see it more than once apparently there for the people out there. That's fine. There's like one hundred dudes off sit here and be the straight man I don't know what I'm talking about. Derek Saint. Helen's was the patron saint of his ancestors patron saint of quality. Fiber. Great Joke that is a good joke man I'm sorry I stepped all over at enter So in leads you would go and pray to Saint Hubert from protection probably not the most effective way to treat rabies. Now, I don't blame people for making a pilgrimage to Liege, from what I understand about rabies based on researching this it's terrible. It's horrific and fatal and it until the late nineteenth century eighteen, eighty five when the late great Louis peice cheer man this dude, he what didn't that guy do to save the world we should he's up in our line a now we have kind of ongoing line of like great scientists. So we will include him on the list and we need to start acknowledging the ladies to so madame. Curie. Sure. We've got around you miss. That's right. That's right. and Anyway. So Louis Pasture came up with a vaccine for rabies and he was a he was one of the early germ theory guys he was very. President, person. His his inoculation trials were based on the idea that if you introduced some like a low level of rabies to a a living being that living being would produce antibodies and you could introduce increasingly larger amounts over time and eventually the person's antibodies robust enough so that if they ever faced rabies in the wild, they would be able to fight it off and he was absolutely right and you know what a crazy thing to think though you know it is when no one knows anything about germ theory to thank like why Don't we put the disease in the person. Sure. Maybe that'll help cure it. Yeah and I think I think that was around for a while. But yeah, I think it was like some arcane knowledge that not everyone knew about pasture really capitalized the amazing but he actually had been working on something using rabbits as test cases and was basically he proved it can work in humans but by a boy who had been attacked by a dog, I, think in contracted rabies. Yeah. and Louis Pasteur's said he goes nothing and. Talking with the shot and the parents went here goes nothing right? He goes no nothing and they said, well, you said, this was gonNA work. I said no such thing. That's good. Louis Pasteur. It's technically that The. Text eight Renault that Chuck Jones version of Napoleon Ryan Bugs Bunny's to hang out with Yeah. That's how I learned to a Frenchaccent. Check the great. Chuck Jones sure. So rabies, let's talk a little bit about what what it does in your body It's really pretty vicious it. It is a viral disease like we said at the top and it attacks the central nervous system, the brain and the central nervous system. Yeah. it is part of the Rab, Dough Vera Day Nice Yeah Yeah family under the genus you take the genus, the Leisa virus and that was too easy. It was easy It is shaped like a bullet and when it comes in the body, it basically goes as fast as it can like to the spinal cord. Through, something called Africa nerves within a they impulses toward the central nervous system as opposed to effort with an e they carry impulses away, but it uses both. So this virus travels along the neural pathways through the central nervous system, and it goes immediately to the central nervous or the spinal cord, and then up to the brain. Yeah, and in the brain, that's where it replicates vicious. HIV replicates inside t helper cells. Yeah. Well, rabies virus that replicates inside your neurons in your brain cells, which is not a good place for a virus start doing it's replicating right? That's right and right after it starts replicating in the brain, it makes a second stop a very important stop to your salivary glands and the reason it does that is because that is the number one mechanism of transmission for rabies. Yeah. That's when you see the foaming at the mouth, it's not just a symptom of rabies, but that's the main way that you're going to get. It is by being bitten. By something with. All kinds of. Rabid. Saliva right. And apparently, because the stuff is Wrecking your brain by hijacking your brain cells and destroying them. There's two different versions of rabies, right? Yeah Encephalitis. which is also known as the furious form of rabies. That's the one you think of when you think of a crazy rabid dog hallucinating and running around in circles. Chasing its tail and biting at the air old yeller basically. Although they toned it down a bit. They did because they didn't want to scare the kids before they. The. and. Then there's a paralytic or dumb form, and that one is more like lapsing into coma basically right and. I know surely there's no way to predict which way the the things the virus is going to go in a human right because I don't destroying brain cells I would think it would just be totally accidental probably there it went toward the encephalitis or the paralytic form. That's a good question. You know it would just depend on where it lodges I, right? Yeah. But both of the forms are in the acute stage and here's what's so scary once it's in the acute stage wants it hit your central nervous system you're done. Palmist exclusively done and we'll talk about that. That's that is the for a very for millennia the The the idea behind rabies is. It's a fatal disease one, hundred percent fatal. Except now, they've started to find a few cases here. That's not the case in its they're starting to wonder, okay. Is this something we could treat rafter people are traditionally goners. Well, that's a great tease. So let's take a break

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