And finally, Florida - burst 7


Big issue that matters to a lot of voters in Florida. You know specifically in south Florida, there's some restrictions in the Miami Dade area that have some of the highest rates of Medicaid in the country and I think that this is important because it matters even more at the local level and kind of the congressional level. But I would say that when it comes to kind of talking points that campaigns are bringing here we see Republicans talk a lot about socialism right and that casting Democrats says the ones that are trying to bring socialism and socialism that you escape from in your home country to the United. States and. For some people that's not really an effective talking point because they think that Biden cannot compared to some of the Nicolas's does or custody of the world. But I think that for a lot of other people, it is something that matters to them and it is important that they hear the presidential candidates say that this is not something that they support that they don't support socialist policies because they bring with them. A lot of trauma that is passed on as we have seen with the Cuban American population through generations. Bianca does that explain then first of all, why we have seen President Donald trump claiming to have been the recipient of something he called the Bay of Pigs Award which turned out actually not to exist. But he claimed this was given to him by grateful cuban-americans and doesn't perhaps also explain why according to recent polling at least Joe Biden is doing really notably badly with a lot of Latino communities in Florida. There's a couple of reasons why Joe Biden is not necessarily doing as well as some people have expected with Latinos but a lot of it, and there's been some stories about this gender divide in Latin American communities and communities but. It all comes down to the fact that

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