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Much on the defensive side of the ball there leading sacker is he's in Buffalo now and keep Lee retired. There's going to be a challenge. They did play really well, though, against his charges team in Truth charges, starting a rookie quarterback in his first start, who threw for a ton of yards, But they they held up when it mattered right for over 330 yards and touchdown, But it was a lot of thinking and Duncan So I knew that they were going to be behind the eight ball a little bit The Carolina Panthers so they're right where I expected. I would agree. I actually I mean, I would have been over three because I didn't. I wouldn't have thought that they would have won this game yesterday when the season's cable with schedules came out but perspective, you know they did. They score third against the raid, and I know the Raiders defense isn't great, but they scored 30 that could have won that game. That was weak one. They play Tampa We two who looks better and better and obviously very stout defensive team, and then they play the Chargers team. I know that they're a little bit banged up, but they've got a lot of talent. Listen. I mean, did you, d J. Moore is a player Robbie Anderson's a player courtesy. And what's that said? Oh, yeah, they go. Yeah, That's why I'm saying Curtis sandals. Maybe not long for the Panthers, maybe even a little misused on occasion, but talented

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