What Microsoft buying Bethesda means for gamers


So we talked a little bit about the Fez at the top of the show and we've been getting some more rolling details since the acquisition was announced earlier this week this story comes from I but does will run semi independently under Microsoft. xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed that Bethesda will continue to run. Semi independently after the company's acquisition. Speaking, to see nut Spencer made clear that while but those games will adopt some of XBOXES new practices including launching into game pass and becoming playable through game streaming. The company will retain some of the autonomy that resulted in some of the biggest games of all time quote. It's all about the culture of those teams Spencer explained they're not about becoming us this tally of the previous comments from but does s vp of Global Marketing Pete Hines who said quote were still working on the same. Games, we were yesterday made by the same studios we've worked with for years and those games will be published by us on a related knows any Max online studios announced despite Microsoft's acquisition the elder scrolls online we'll continue to receive support on play station for and Patron Michelle writes in and says, what are the actual chances of a fallout new Vegas to now that Bethesda and obsidian are both owned by Microsoft? So we've found a lot of fun memes floating around the last couple of days. I think the one where. Oh. My Gosh. I'm forgetting the director's name where he's making his Oscars Kiss Oh was it for parasite? No. Yes, it was it. Yes. Okay. Bethesda Obsidian, and then there's was a bunch of a bunch of ones and obsidian even got in it. We talked about it on the Monday show but how they tweeted and responds with a little shrug Gif not a gift but like the Emoji Yeah like are we going to make this? I would not hold your breath. OBSIDIAN has a lot of projects that are working on will follow New Vegas be something they may explore down the road potentially in the next three to five years I would guess not probably not got other other things on the roadmap

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