Wendy Osefo on the Black Lives Matter protests, and the 2020 election


I'm Jim Taylor skinner, and this is the electorate. On this episode. A have a conversation with Wendy Osafo when he is a political commentator and a professor of education at Johns. Hopkins. University, she also served on the Obama Administration's anti-poverty initiative when he joins me to talk about everything from the current political climate to the recent black lives matter protests. We also discussed recent polling of the twenty twenty presidential election, and of course, many many failings of the trump administration. So without further ADO, here's my conversation with Wendy Assefa. Welcome to the broadcast. Thank you for having me. I really wanted to talk to you about this moment in history because I saw a tweet, the other day that really got my attention I think it was from Congresswoman Anna Presley and she said that the civil rights movement didn't in it didn't end and that we're living right now it's ongoing and I think that that's pretty you know accurate what's happening in the streets with black lives matter protests you know what do you think this moment actually means I think this moment right now is a defining moment in our country. And our nation I think that what we have to realize is that without cameras, this has been the backdrop of the lives of black people for years is just so happens that the death of George Floyd was videotaped but this has happened so many times in enough is enough I was told people you know I'm so happy that black lives matter has become a battle cry that people more aware about now in twenty twenty but I remember marching when black lives matters started before was even Hashtag with the death of Trayvon Martin it was the death and killing trayvon Martin that. Ignited the hash black lives matter and so I say all that to say, you know the civil rights movement was a time that we look to as a historic time society and we came through that as a nation but it hasn't ended because just evolved in different ways, and that's what people have to understand and I'm just so excited to see different faces, different races, different backgrounds really fighting now because it's going to take our nation to come together as one in order for us to end systemic racism. Now you're absolutely right it has evolved right? That's the perfect word. For it and when I think about you know what you just said marching when Trayvon Martin was murdered a movement was kind of in its infancy. But what I think is really interesting now is the reaction from conservatives now that people are marching around the world for black lives matter they their reactions were really extreme Ryan, I mean it's like splashed holy water on them like what do you think that they think black lives matter actually means what does it mean to them? You hear people saying like not in my town you're not gonNA bring black lives matter into Maya. Town. Yeah I think is really interesting in the way I. Answer. This question may actually be controversial I think that they are very clear what black lives matter means I think they are very clear but black lives matter stands for, but they don't want to accept what black lives matters means because if they do that means that they are accepting that this country's inherently racist and that's the truth and as uncomfortable truth we are saying black lives matter because black lives are the ones that are under attack were saying black lives matter because the statistics show that black and Brown children in schools are treated differently. That's why we're seeing black. Lives matter but you see it's not just black lives. Matter is black lives matter because black lives have been treated as less than for so many years in this country. So I think that conservatives are fully aware of what this means I think that is willful ignorance for them to say, no black lives with not only to accept that is not the Hashtag that the issue is the premise of the Hashtag doesn't issue and I think that when we're having these conversations with people, these are people who are elected Congress people they're pretty smart. You know they're pretty erudite nature, and so you know these are the same. Individuals who say because they're conservatives that a baby's life matters at the beginning of Jess station. You don't have to come out of the womb for your life to matter but soon as your created your life matters and therefore they're against abortion. So if they're able to understand that a baby's life matters at the beginning of creation than I'm pretty sure that they're competent enough to understand that black lives matter because black lives are the ones under

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