Ludwig van Beethoven

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Kids. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn Germany in seventeen seventy Beethoven's father was a singer who worked as a court musician in Bonn but he wasn't very reliable. So by the time Beethoven was a teenager, he was supporting his family as a court musician. Beethoven. Played Violin Viola and most of all keyboard instruments. The prince who employed Beethoven sent him on a trip to Vienna, which was the center of musical activity in Vienna Beethoven played for Mozart who was so impressed that he said to his friends, keep an eye on him. Someday he'll give the world something to talk about. Once, he'd had a taste of Vienna. There was no keeping Beethoven in Bonn he moved to the Anna where he intended to study with. Mozart but by then Mozart had died. So Beethoven studied with Haydn instead. Heiden was a pretty easy going person while Beethoven was Moody and Intense. So their student teacher partnership didn't last very long just long enough for some of what Haydn was good ad like string quartets to rub off on Beethoven. Beethoven quickly became known all over Vienna as a wonderful musician at first he was mostly famous for his skill as a pianist. But when Beethoven was just thirty years old he realized he would have to give up his career as a concert pianist because he was going death. After a while Beethoven couldn't hear an extra well enough to stay together with it when they played and eventually he couldn't even hear himself play his own piano. But Beethoven, was such a genius that even though he couldn't here with his ears, he could still hear music in his head so he kept right on composing. Aw. In Beethoven's Day, composers were considered servants but Beethoven refuse to be treated like a servant by his patrons members of the nobility who paid him for his work. He knew he was unique and said so as he wrote to one of his patrons, there are and will be thousands of princes. Is One Beethoven. Beethoven wrote nine glorious symphonies more about those and his piano music in coming weeks. He also wrote Chamber Music Ballets Religious Music Songs, and one opera Beethoven wasn't afraid to change his music when he didn't think it worked this is one of four tries to get the overture to his opera just. Between the French revolution and Napoleon's Wars Beethoven lived through a lot of political changes. In fact, He created a revolution of his own, a musical one. Beethoven took the graceful elegant forms that Mozart and Haydn had used and change them into something powerful and passionate.

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