First heavy bands of rain


Analyzes challenges the president is facing in this year's election, even as the president regained 50% total approval in Friday's Rasmussen Daily tracking poll. Corey Lewandowski says supporters cannot count on a repeat of Mr Trump's 2016 victory 2020. We don't have the same luxury we had on 2015 which was the knock up, we snuck up on him. Media all the time. 16 that Donald Trump can't win Then are you saying that in 2020 speaking with Salem Radio Lewin, Dusty says that media is not giving close critical scrutiny to Joe Biden. He hides in his basement. When he does come out. They don't have questions is the exact office of what they do this president? Currently Joe Biden leads the president by 6% points in Rasmussen's weekly election. Poll. George Manzano reporting Commissioner Rob Manfred, confident baseball can give to the regular season and the postseason and not be stopped by the virus.

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